Hello, everyone! My name is Taylor Lopez, and you must have accidentally stumbled across my website, TheFlashPanda.com! This site is dedicated to showcasing all of my artwork and flash games (at least for now). Later on, once I have more experience in the ways of web development (aka PHP coding etc.) I will probably add some kind of commenting system to my pieces so you can tell me how you really feel about them. So, come on in, don't be shy. Check out the few things I have here for now. If you like what you see, I am for limited hire. My school and part-time work schedule do have me rather busy, but it doesn't mean I can't find a little time for you. My contact information can be found on the About Me page. I am considering the idea of maybe starting a casual web comic eventually, so check back here for updates!


You may (or possibly may not at all) have noticed that I changed my primary domain name to "t-lopez.com." Don't worry, though, "theflashpanda.com" still redirects here too! All the old links should still be in tact. I chose to do this to simplify (and professionalize) my website, especially when listing in on résumés. I eventually want to give this site a visual overhaul, and redesign everything from scratch. If I know myself, however, I know that my plans right now can quickly get pushed down the stack quite a ways in lieu of other "shinier" projects that capture my attention. Here's to project ADD!
I've been toying around with some HTML5 features and I got a little fixated on the Canvas. Seeing as it can be rendered on basically anything now (I'm talkin' smart phones, here), it seems like a valid replacement for flash-type content.
I made a version of Snake to try, as well as an international clock page that allows the user to add clocks from different time zones (all of which are drawn using the Canvas element, no image files required). The clocks can be renamed using the new "ContentEditable" attribute and all this information is saved in your browser cookies so your setup will be persistent across page views (from the same device, at least)
Both of the pages were created using JavaScript and HTML5 elements. I'll add actual links from the site later when I feel that the items are polished up a little bit.
Thanks to anyone who prayed for Colorado and supported us during this time of crisis!
I've been working more on actual coding projects in C++ and C# lately, so it's been harder find ways to post those on here. I've been itching to put together another flash game, but the thing I always seem to forget is that I need some kind of idea first.
Sure has been a while, hasn't it? Unfortunately, there's no new content for you guys, but there are several changes and optimizations that the site is undergoing. The purpose of this website has certainly evolved over the years. Currently it is my sandbox for teaching myself and testing my php code. I may even do a whole site redesign soon =D
Added an Shakespearean Insult Generator to the site! Check it out here! I cannot take credit for the original idea or the list of words, as that came from here.
Put the physical score board listings on the game pages so you don't have to play the game before seeing the list... There, Janice, HAPPY?!... jeez...
Added the option to turn the music and sound on and off on the new Tetris. I do love that music, but after a while, it can definitely get to you O_O
If you're anything like me, you're a fan of using your ears, especially when you're playing video games! Check out the New and Improved TETRIS! Now with SOUND! Accessories sold separately, batteries not included
Wow, everything went better than expected ^_^! HIGH SCORES! are now also set up for Tetris! I posted my score up there... your move...
Don't look now... but I figured out how to do HIGH SCORES! Minesweeper is the first to receive the update! Tetris is on the way! Go check it out now! See if you can beat my times ;D The funny thing is, I don't think that anyone else out there is even half as exited about it as I am lol. "Big deal, Taylor, do you want a cookie? jeez..."
Minesweeper is updated! The difficulty can now be changed, just like the Microsoft version. You may want to think twice before making it easier, however... Not for those with low self-esteem! Also, side note: got the site set up with a creative commons license (see bottom of page for more info) since I'm not actually Copywrited =/ (shh don't tell ;D)
Added some over-sized buttons for my site's twitter and facebook pages! Those will probably end up being much smaller later on... I just have this feeling.
Got TheFlashPanda up on Twitter! I'll be adding all the Icons and whatnot soon so that it's obvious to first-time viewers, but now, if you follow me on twitter, you can get updates right there! Spiffy huh? Technology and stuff. Anyway here's the link: Click it NOW!
Not that it really matters to any of you, but I started making the long and (in my case) painful transition to a more dynamically generated site using php. I started by introducinga few php lines here and there to make things easier to change in the future. This is just the first of many steps towards a greater website! OH! Also, I found like 4 hand-drawn arts that I forgot to actually make pages for, even though they've been sitting on the server now forever. I'll be making pages for those pretty soon and actually put something up on the Hand Drawn Page!.
Alrighty! I finally summoned up the strength and willpower to update my site a little bit! I added three new Digital Art pieces, and also a flash game that I worked on a couple months ago. I reformatted the gallery screens so now, the newest entries are always at the front, as you'll notice on the Digital Art page, and the Flash Games page. My next big project for this site will be getting all the PHP in order and trying to get that up and running to make adding content WAY quicker. It will also open up a whole new world (Aladdin) of features like high-score lists and commenting for my stuff. Hang tight!
Just a small addition today; I made a simple particle emitter in Flash and thought I'd put it somewhere that everyone could see it ^_^ (This website is like my refrigerator, even if what I stick on it isn't that great, I'm still proud of it)
My "Synapse" poster won 3rd place at the Action On Film Festival in California! Wow, I totally didn't think it would do that well ^_^.
Made a movie poster last night! Check it out ^_^ Synapse
Minesweeper!. Go play now! Don't worry guys, at this EXACT moment, I'm reading up on my php, working hard to make my website more friendly to those who actually visit it. Look forward to a few improvements this summer, such as commenting on individual art pieces, games, etc. Also look forward to high score tracking on all the games where that would apply.
John Conway's Game of Life has been added. A small simulation of cellular life and death. Ok, so it's not really a "game" but it's pretty! ^_^
Wallpapers and Digital Art have arrived!!! You'll notice their striking resemblance to each other. The Wallpapers section will strictly be images designed to be Desktop wallpapers. For the time being, all Wallpapers, I consider Digital Art =/. The Digital Art section, however, will contain information about each piece (such as what medium I used to creat it) and a short description of it. The two sections will eventually be different from one another.
I started a gallery system for my stuff! Check out the "Games" page to see that and the new SOLITAIRE addition! Be sure to also check out the new partially finished animation, Link: He Come to Town!
I put my Flash Tetris up for your enjoyment! Just head up to the "Games" tab and you'll be directed to the page ^_^. I also created pages for all the tabs to link to above. They may be empty, but they're definitely there.
Been quite some time, but I completely remade the website (the correct way this time) and I'm working on getting things connected to those links up there!
The site is created! but that's about it! ^_^

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